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Studio Controls for COM
Studio Controls for COM contains the premier Appointment Scheduling, Data input and edits, Dialogues, Calendars, Data and Menu Navigation, General Presentation and Grid, List and Tree View controls in one single, value-packed product.
ctDayView - new ColumnAt / TimeAt methodsAppointment Scheduling:
Appointment scheduling is a pivotal and success driven activity. Create scheduling systems with as many individual personalities as end-users demand

Calendars: Time is a sensitive issue and using the right calendar components can make a huge difference. Create your own style and calendar presentations.
Data Edit/Input: Inputting and editing data is eventually what application development is all about. Add effective user interfaces.
Dialogues: There are quicker and simpler ways to make calls to Windows dialogues. Use DBI's dialogue controls for perfect end-user interaction and the least amount of programming.
General Presentation Add Flexibility to your favorite IDE with the great presentation tools of StudioctPanel Controls for COM. These eleven general purpose components will add to your own branding, User Interface design and implementation, and saving countless hours of programming.
List / Tree & Grid: At the heart of Power is Performance and Functionality. When crafting an application, data loading andctList - Header Styles List Item Styles presentation are timing issues where latency is not usually an option. Proven time and time again, DBI's primary data management controls out-perform and provide results beyond expectations.
Navigation: Extend the Windows� interface standards quickly and effortlessly using these controls for great presentations and user navigation.

Presentation : From concept to implemented solution you need the right set of tools. DBI's presentation components are the perfect mix complimenting the developers' toolbox.
Studio Controls for COM - Compatibile with LabVIEW
  Feature Highlights
  Windows 7 Certified
  Data presentation tools
  Custom Windows Navigation
  Fast, Intuitive component-based programming
  Current Windows Styles
  Studio Controls for COM
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  ctPanel - New UI foundation Control
  What's New
  Components Included:
  Appointment Scheduling
ctAlarm  ctCalendar
ctContact ctDayView
ctDropDate ctWeek
ctDate ctMonth
  Data Edit/Input/Grid
ctBanner ctClip
ctDial ctFill
ctGauge ctMeter
ctColorButton ctColorCombo
ctColor ctColorPicker
ctFile ctFont
ctCheck ctDEdit
ctMEdit ctNEdit
  General Presentation
ctCalc ctHTML
ctGroup ctScroll
ctRadio ctSplit
ctTray ctWave
  List/Tree & Grid
ctCombo ctList
ctSList ctGrid
ctButton ctListbar
ctHyperlink ctPush
ctToolbar ctTabs
ctNavBar ctExplorerBar
ctClock ctDigit
ctFold ctImage
ctPanel ctPaper
ctSpin ctSpiral
ctText ctTips


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