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ctToolBar is a horizontal toolbar and menu component displaying a serused to create a toolbar. Toolbar buttons may be set with a variety of styles such as regular, drop down, toggle, and separators. In addition to displaying text, buttons can also display images from ctToolbar’s internal image list. Tool tips and drop-down menus may also be assigned to individual buttons.
XML Support :  All data, including presentation detail and style settings, consumed by ctToolBar can be imported from or exported to an XML file.
Windows XP Styles : New style properties allow the control to mimic the styles found under Windows XP.
Mouse Over and Select Status : Optionally change images, fonts, and colors for each button and menu item in response to mouse- over events or when button is selected.
Button Styles : Set buttons as regular, toggle, drop down or with separators. Create buttons with text and/or images.
Definable Colors:  Gradient fills may be assigned to the toolbar and menu items, as well as the entire toolbar and the menu margin. 
Multiple Levels : The control can now support four levels of menu items.
Image List : Store up to 100 images in an internal image list. Support for masked bitmaps.
Stock Images: Built in images for many of the most commonly used buttons (i.e. cut, copy, paste).
Custom Backgrounds : Apply a custom background to the tool bar.
Tool Tips : Assign a tool tip to any button in the tool bar.
Bar Picture : Place an image at the front of the toolbar.
Limit Buttons : Arrows on the toolbar indicate when there is not enough room to display all buttons. Additional items will drop down in a menu when this area is clicked. Also, Menu items can be created and directly assigned to the limit button only.
Menu Styles : Add images, icons, check boxes, or independent colors to any drop-down menu item.
Menu Builder:  The special menu-builder property page makes it quick and easy to plan and create toolbar and menu structures.
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