DBi Component Software is Compatible with LabVIEW

 LabVIEW Components

Component Software for Visual LabVIEW Application Design


Studio Controls for COM

Studio Controls is the Windows© standard for user interface design component software. Offering Engineers an outstanding experience for creating presentations incorporating Scheduling, Data Input, Data manipulation, Navigation and standard Windows interfaces. Studio Controls includes one full year of technical support, component updates and product upgrades.

53 seven time awarding winning design, navigation and data presentation components tailored for LabVIEW including:
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LabVIEWComponent Starter Pack



The LabVIEWComponent - Starter Pack offers LabVIEW application developers an easy, no cost entry point for exploring how DBi's LabVIEW tailored Components can be used to quickly add professional Windows design presentations, navigation and data management.  End-users of LabVIEW-based software will appreciate the Windows standard navigation and presentation features.

The LabVIEW Components Starter Pack includes two key elements of every Windows design interface: 

  The LabVIEW Starter Pack Components come with royalty-free distribution licensing and demonstration samples designed in LabVIEW for LabVIEW developers.
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    DBi component software products are Compatible with LabVIEW  


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